The Truth About Heart Disease The Docs Dont Tell You. This is proven clinically many times over. Trust True Omega

It’s not due to eating foods high in cholesterol – not directly, anyway. It’s due to a problem with your body’s arteries and veins – a problem that your body uses cholesterol to fix. You see, over time, our arteries get harder and less flexible. Then, thanks to stresses or diet, we cause our arteries to get inflamed, to expand and shrink. When that happens with a hard artery, it’s like water freezing inside a road – cracks start to appear.

Cholesterol is actually a wonderful material – one that our body uses to treat these cracks. It’s sticky and smooth and acts rather like Spackle. When a crack appears in your arteries and your body can’t heal it, the liver releases some cholesterol to slap onto the arterial wall, and presto! – good as new. The problem is, when the cracks get too large and widespread, the liver is forced to spit out cholesterol at an ever-increasing pace – and, eventually, the whole process goes haywire. That’s when the trouble occurs – when the cholesterol gets too great, it combines with blood’s natural coagulants, creates clots, and eventually leads to heart attacks or strokes. A common approach to solving this problem, medically, is to prescribe statin drugs that reduce your cholesterol. Not all doctors believe in this approach, though – for obvious reasons.

Simply stopping the production of cholesterol in the liver doesn’t solve your arterial problems. It’s like taking a numbing cough syrup for strep throat, and saying you’re cured! Sooner or later, the real problem will resurface, worse than before. So, in my search for a solution to my triglyceride levels, I knew I had to keep looking. In the end, I found an answer at the North Pole. 

It may seem ridiculous but then again it’s rather simple. We are not what we eat. We are what we eat, digest, convert, then absorb into the organ cells. It’s quite a process but in the end it’s really simple but not always easy. Omega-3 is one of the primary building blocks of cellular health and cannot be obtained except by ingesting. Sign up to get good, solid reliable information on health. 

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Most store bought brands are relatively low in the two main Omega-3 constituent materials (EPA and DHA). The standard strength is 180 EPA and 120 DHA. Our True Omega-3® is a full 400 EPA and 300 DHA per capsules. Please download this document to get the dosing ranges for various chronic illnesses. 

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Personal coaching is available but expensive. Time is valuable for everyone. In order to minimized the cost, we are creating an online education center where you can get the help you need for less than the cost of lunch. Stay tuned for more information soon. LINK. 

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